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Individuals, Couples and Families:
If you have shopped for policies on the public health exchanges, you have seen that premiums are increasing 25% to 100% year after year, while deductibles continue to increase. This means you pay more for less benefits. The reason for this is because insurance companies on the public exchange are required to insure those regardless of health conditions. This causes premiums of healthy individuals to skyrocket. At Insurance Services 4 U, we underwrite all of our applicants for qualification. This means that only qualified individuals can access our plans, and therefore decreasing the overall premium for every covered person. Our plan premiums are 50% less than what is seen on the public exchanges because of this.
Worried about ACA Compliance? Not to worry as written in section 2 of the executive order signed by President Trump, there will be no mandated tax for health insurance purchasers. Still unsure? No problem. We have plans that are both ACA and non-ACA depending on what fits your budget best.
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Why Choose Insurance Services 4 U
Affordable Comprehensive Plans
Save money throughout the year. Our premiums are 50% less than what is seen on public exchanges.
Underwriting Process
We insure that our plans fit every individual’s need
Retain Great Employees
Our group rates are competitive and affordable to small business owners so you can retain great employees with the proper health insurance benefits.
Critical Illness Coverage
This is designed to ease financial pressure by providing a lump sum cash benefit directly to you upon diagnosis of a covered illness to help cope with the high cost of recovering medical crisis.
Comparison Shopping
To ensure you getting the best quality insurance plan at the best price, we will compare all of your options with you to find the policy that best provides for your needs.
Automatic Re-Enrollment
To ensure you stay protected, you will be automatically re-enrolled every year. You will receive a notification prior if you wish to change anything regarding your policy.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What exactly is a limited benefits policy? I see the summary plan and it looks like it covers everything but obviously it must not.
A. This only applies to one of our tiers. The policy comes with 3 tiers so we can get the most comprehensive coverage at the most affordable price. They are tiered in the following way:

Tier 1 – Provides coverage for doctor office visits, urgent care, labs, tests, diagnostics, annual preventive care, annual OB/GYN preventive care within the PHCS Multi-Plan and/or First Health Network.

Tier 2 – Provides coverage for specialty doctor prescriptions, hospitalization, ambulatory, mental illness, etc. (best coverage and rates if using a PHCS Multi-Plan facility)

Tier 3 – Provides coverage for critical illnesses such as heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc.
Q. Can I choose my own doctor?
A. You can choose from two of the largest networks in the country, which are First Health (www.myproviderlookup.com) and PHCS Multi-Plan (www.multiplan.com). All plans are PPO network.
Q. For prescriptions – does it cover all drugs or only generics? And if so, what is the copay for them?
A. Tier 2 provides coverage for prescriptions for both generic and brand name.

With the combination of network discounts and reimbursements, generic prescriptions cost $10 on average and brand name $20 on average. There are some brand names that are very expensive unfortunately and will be much more than $20. In these instances, we recommend going back to the doctor to see if there is an alternative prescription.
Q. How is the insurance plan chosen?
A. As a “Private Exchange” broker we have a few plans that are available from the insurance companies that the individual may choose. However, The Individual does have to qualify for the plan and will go through a routine underwriting process. The underwriters will choose what Insurance company best fits that individual. 
Q. Will I be locked in for 1 year, can it be dropped, changed at any time? Or is there an open enrollment period?  
A. Yes and your policy will automatically renew every year. However, the policy can be cancelled or changed at any time. We have all year enrollment.  
Q. We want a full health benefit coverage.
A. Our plan provides full benefits. It may differ to what you are accustomed to because we created a package that provides comprehensiveness at lower rates. Most policies on the exchange are with BCBS or Humana, and the rates have increased by as much as 100% from 2017 to 2018; plus, the deductibles have increased. We are providing alternative solutions to the public who are looking for a provider with similar benefits but for more affordable prices.